Isle of Domination

categories: strategy, economy

Isle of Domination is a turn-based strategy-economy Print&Play board game inspired by Settlers of Catan, Civilization, Diplomacy and many other great games. Although, Isle of Domination introduces several brand new game-concepts.

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No. of players: 2-5
Ideal no. of players: 3-4
Recommended age: 12+
Game length (min): 45-120
Complexity (1-10): 6
Random factor (1-10): 2
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Equipment, accessories:

A4 pages Number of A4 pages: 3

A4 pages per player Number of A4 pages per player: 1

dices Number of dices: 2

coins, markers Number of coins, markers: 50-100

colored markers per player Number of colored markers per player: 15

colored markers per player Number of colored markers per player (2nd type): 12

Game pictures:

Isle of Domination

Isle of Domination

Isle of Domination

Isle of Domination

Quotation from game rules:
Isle of Domination has very low luck-factor, so the best strategist has the biggest chance to win the game.

Every game is different!
Then again game and map setup has some random factor, so different strategies can succeed in each game. Randomized map preparation may make some of the Victory types easier than others. But when several players pursuit the same Victory, it will be much more difficult to achieve it. This is the trick of the game! :)

The goal of this game is to reach one of the six Victory Conditions. It is possible that all other Players have stronger economies, stronger armies and bigger empires, but still you win because you reach one of the Victory Conditions. The exact numbers in these Victory Conditions may be differ slightly in game and map variants.
There are 6 different types of Victory:
Territory Victory: You dominate by having a large number of cities.
Military Victory: You dominate by having a very strong and large army.
Population Victory: You dominate by outnumbering others in population.
Science Victory: You dominate by knowledge.
Cultural Victory: You dominate by your people's cultural influence.
Magical Victory: You dominate by magical superiority.

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