Rabbit Rumble

categories: combat, strategy, RPG

Rabbit Rumble is a Print&Play RPG board game of the gladiator fight between brutal, mutant, gene-manipulated, steroid-addict battle rabbits.

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No. of players: 1-8
Ideal no. of players: 3-6
Recommended age: 16+
Game length (min): 60-150
Complexity (1-10): 6
Random factor (1-10): 3
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Equipment, accessories:

A4 pages Number of A4 pages: 5

A4 pages per player Number of A4 pages per player: 1

dices Number of dices: 2

coins, markers Number of coins, markers: 50-100

pen, pencil Pen/pencil for each player

Game pictures:

Rabbit Rumble

Rabbit Rumble

Rabbit Rumble

Quotation from game rules:
The goal of this game is to defeat other mutant rabbits at the big clash at the end of the game. Because there are different opponents to fight with in every game, wide variety of different strategies can be successful.

Attributes of battle rabbits:
If you have played with any RPGs (Role Playing Game) or similar games, you will be familiar with the following part.
Battle rabbits can fight by 5 different types of attack:
Claw: Some bunnies have big and sharp nails, some of them can punch like Mike Tyson.
Bite: Mutant battle rabbits usually have large and brutal teeth.
Range: Attacking from long distance. A few rabbits have poisonous spittle, others can fire their excrement-berries, while some of them use weapons like slingshot.
Jump: The bunny jumps and try to trample down enemies.
Ear: After endless exercise-work (and special steroids), some rabbits can use their ears as a lethal weapon.

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