Snake Clash

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Snake Clash is a simple and fast Print&Play board game inspired by the game in the Tron movie (1982). The rules of Snake Clash can be learned in 1-2 minutes, so it easily can be a funny part of a house-party.

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No. of players: 2-4
Ideal no. of players: 3-4
Recommended age: 8+
Game length (min): 20-40
Complexity (1-10): 2
Random factor (1-10): 5
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Equipment, accessories:

A4 pages Number of A4 pages: 1

dices Number of dices: 1

pen, pencil Pen/pencil for each player

Game pictures:

Snake Clash

Snake Clash

Quotation from game rules:
The goal of Snake Clash is to create the longest snakes. The winner os who has the highest total length of his/her 4 snakes at the end of the game.

Basic rules:
Each player can start one snake from each side of the play-filed (from one of the four larger circles). One snake from left, one snake from above, one snake from right and one snake from below (4 snakes in total). When the further lengthening of a snake is impossible, draw a circle around the head of the snake to mark it.

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